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Dr. Shanelle Fields-Best-Selling Author, Counselor, Owner & Founder of Taking The First Step Counseling & Educational Services, LLC

Dr. Shanelle Fields

Front Cover Spotlight

Women's History Month Celebration

March 2024


Dr. Shanelle Fields is a native of Florence, South Carolina. Her education includes a BA in English Education from College of Charleston, a Masters in School Counseling from the Citadel Military College, and a PhD in Human Services and Counseling from Capella University. From 2002- 2020, she was a middle and high school English teacher and a Professional school counselor.

In November 2018, she completed her supervision to become an LPC and has opened a private practice in Summerville. Dr. Shanelle works to help others who are struggling with issues of self-esteem, grief, anxiety, and depression.  Due to her love of education and counseling, she has given many presentations, speeches, and motivational messages to encourage others. Her proudest accomplishment is raising her son as a single parent, working full-time and completing her doctorate. Dr. Fields knows what it is to be in a “stuck place.”

In July 2021, Dr. Fields wrote a #1 Amazon Bestselling Book entitled “I Am Enough.” This book is a self-reflection and motivation for women and young ladies who are feeling undervalued and passed over. More recently, she became an International Bestseller for being a co-author of the book entitled “Women Motivated by Purpose.” This anthology seeks to motivate others to live life with purpose. Her last book endeavor deals with the topic of loss. She lost her mother in 2017, and grief changed her life. She turned pain into purpose. This anthology titled “Grief Matters: Authentic Perspectives of Life and Loss” is a #1 New Release and #2 Amazon Bestseller.

Dr. Fields is also an adjunct professor for Liberty University in their Community Counseling and School Counseling departments. She hones aspiring counselors’ skills through her love of God and experience. Additionally, Dr. Fields founded The Healing Group, which is a directory of African American mental health professionals. For further inquiry, the website is Her latest project helps inform others about Living Well. She has her own radio segment on WDRBmedia that airs on Saturdays at 9:45 am.

Her mottos are “Every day you have the chance to change two people’s lives, yours and someone else’s and to always remember You Are Enough! If you would like to connect with Dr. Shanelle, she can be emailed at Her practice website is

Women's History Month

Front Cover Spotlight Interview

March 2024

Please introduce and tell us about yourself.

I am a native of Florence, SC and moved to the Lowcountry for college and never left. I am a Halloween baby who was almost born in Kmart. I enjoy shopping, being a foodie, binge watching television shows and movies, traveling, and spending time with my manchild/teenager, Isaiah.

As the Front Cover Spotlight feature for “Women’s History Month.” We celebrate you and all the amazing women featured in this magazine edition. What do “Women’s History Month” mean to you as a woman who is making a positive impact in your industry.

Women’s History Month reminds me that females are powerful. We are life bearers, literally and figuratively. We often breathe life into dull situations. Ladies turn houses into homes and create warm, safe environments for our families to thrive. Women also stand out as trailblazers for many of the great successes of this world. Profound messages and actions come from women. Women evoke change!

Dr. Fields, you are Owner and Founder of “Taking The First Step Counseling & Educational Services, LLC. Please tell the readers about your company and the services you offer clients.

This business is my purpose. I truly believe that counseling is a gift, and I enjoy all that comes with it. On the surface, my counseling practice offers individualized and person-centered counseling for women, men, and adolescents. During these sessions, we connect our lives with meaning and make changes that allow clients to Live Well. On the outside, my practice is a platform for positive mental health for any and every one who is willing to be the best version of themselves. My business also offers workshops on parenting skills, grief counseling, making self-care a priority, as well as how to strengthen relationships and families. Additionally, this platform also allows me the opportunity to provide transformational and dynamic presentations to the masses.     A new addition to the business is Profound Tees & Apparel with positive therapy phrases, a short E-book on grieving, and an affirmation deck called 15 Days of Positivity.

You are a licensed Counselor and practicing therapist that works with adolescents and adults. What expertise do you have as a Counselor and practicing Therapist in your field of work? My specialties are relationship/couples counseling, working with grief, and building self-esteem.

Where can the readers learn more about your services? My practice website is and

I know a lot of people can relate to experiencing grief, including myself. Tell the readers about your anthology book, “Grief Matters: Authentic Perspectives of Life and Loss.”

 Grief is one of those devastating things we must all face. I walked this road in losing my mother in 2017. It nearly broke me, inside and out. She was my prayer partner, my secret keeper, my fashion paradigm, my safe place, and my best friend. Not having her in my life made me think about life differently, but I had to experience the nights I cried out for her when my chest hurt so bad it felt like someone snatched my heart out of my chest. I had to experience looking at other mother/daughter duos and get sad because I could no longer have those moments ever again. I allowed the “waves” to come, and I went through the process. I truly believe if I didn’t feel every emotion, every pain and cried every tear that I would not be able to hold space and empower others to grieve. This book is about giving others the permission to grieve.

What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing grief and cannot move forward with their life? Allow the emotions to come. Don’t fight the screams, the tears, or the isolation. Embrace everything you are feeling! I also suggest seeing a therapist to explore the effect your loss has had on your life. Surround yourself with authentic, positive friends and family. Lastly, focus on the positive!


Where can the readers order copies of your books?

Both books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Additionally, my E-book “Self-Care for Grievers” can be found at this website.

Dr. Fields, Congratulations! You were recently featured on Live 5 News about your “Life After Loss-Grief Workshop.” How was your experience to be featured and interviewed on Live 5 News?

It was a humbling experience to say the least. I really thought it would be prerecorded, but we were live in the studio. It is a precious gift to be able to educate others about the process of grief. I enjoy debunking the myth of being strong. The truth is grief is a trauma, and we need to know it matters.


Dr. Fields, you are the Bestselling Author in several books. Tell us about your book, “I Am Enough: Self-Reflection and Motivation for Women and Young Ladies.”

This book is a labor of love because it allowed me to express how I built myself back up through prayer, positive affirmations, self-encouragement, and restructuring negative thoughts. I also realized that I needed to be enough, so that my son could have the best version of me as a mother.

You will be hosting the discussion about the “Strong” Woman narrative. Tell us about this event. 

For the educational part of the practice, I offer workshops, self-care group activities, and online discussions. Women have often been told for generations that we have to be strong and hold it together, but this idea needs to be reframed. It is absolutely ok to say No, Set Boundaries, create a Self-Care routine, and choose Yourself. A few of my amazing colleagues educated the ladies in the audience on ways to Live Well. We learned a lot about our narratives as women and how we can change the story at any time!

Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops?

Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church will have our 2nd Annual Self-Care Conference from 9-1 on April 27, 2024; July 27, 2024 at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church will host our first Mental Health Fair for anyone who desires mental health services. Insurance companies will also be present. There will be another mental health event in June and monthly online discussions. Please check out my website for more details.

Please give us some words to educate, inspire, and encourage women and the readers of Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine.

1)  Believe in your Vision because it is yours alone!

2)  Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Alone. Isolation is required for Elevation.

3)  Connect yourself to people who really want you to succeed.

4)  Adore the person staring back at you in the mirror. If you don’t, no one else will! 5)   Incorporate self-care into your life in some form. It will allow you to show up as the best version of yourself. 

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Shanelle Fields books and services,

visit her websites at 


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