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Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior-Co-Founder of Truth Honey

Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior


Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior is a Best-Selling Co-Author, Female Urban Beekeeper, Co-Founder of Truth Honey and the non-profit "Saving the Lives of Honeybees." She has been highly sought after for her expertise in Health/Wellness, Motivational Speaking, and Elegant Brand of Honey. Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior is an industry-leading expert in Luxury Product Branding, customer loyalty, as well as online direct-to-consumer retail businesses.

Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior and her Truth Honey products have been featured in FORBES Magazine, Voyage Magazine, Style Blueprint Magazine, Connect 365 Magazine, New York Times Union, and the Very Vera Show with Monica Kauffman Pearson. She currently have a duo Master’s in Business Administration concentrated in Mass Communication through Business Management and a degree in Marketing/Branding for Entrepreneurs.

If you would like to learn more about Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior and Truth Honey products, visit website at

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Twitter: Truth_Honey

Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior is Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine Front Cover Spotlight feature for September 2022 Fall Edition. Read interview on pages 7-9 at this link here:

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