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Ericka Austin Founder & CEO of E.L.A Interior Design

Ericka Austin

Please introduce and tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hello. I'm Ericka Austin Founder & CEO of E.L.A Interior Design LLC and also an Ohio Tri-state valley native currently based in Columbus, Ohio. Faith and family is my foundation and I am the proud single mother of two extraordinary young adults. My daughter Miss London Thompson is the Marketing Director of E.L.A. Interior Design, in which creative talents, professionalism, and innovative ideas are key to our future success.

What inspired you to become an Interior Designer?

Over two decades ago, I started a small side business with a high school friend creating table center pieces for dining and coffee tables. Each piece was handmade, painted, and styled by myself and sales were a success for a short time. Although the business did not continue my love for interior design was sparked. Money was pretty tight, so I learned creative ways to DIY home projects studying, learning, and watching every show on television before attending "The Academy of Art University for Interior Architecture and Design." Moving on to design remotely with "Modsy." Having my own design company was a long time dream, but unfortunately was put on hold due to suffering a ruptured brain artery at the start of the pandemic and hospitalized. The journey of healing and recovery has not been easy, but through God's grace and mercy I am hear today!

What inspired you to become an Interior Designer?

My advice to someone interested in becoming an Interior Designer would be to learn as much as possible, not only about design, fabrics, furniture etc., but also study business and what it takes to be successful in marketing and every aspect of running a successful business. The administrative work may not be fun or in your comfort zone, but don't give up or let it get you down it is crucial to your business in my opinion. Lastly, networking and working with honest and reliable trades who take pride in delivering great services and products.

What services you offer at E.L.A. Interior Design?

Services we offer at E.L.A. Interior Design : Full service interior design which entails Several in-depth consultations, product and trade research, interview and schedule services with trades.

Deliverables( Renders, presentation, samples).

Procurement of supplies ,textiles ,furnishings and decor.

Installment of all treatments ,fixtures and decor.

Photos and video.

* Partial design service( which can start with an empty room or simply a couch and lamp), wherever your starting point is we will work with you to give you a complete space you will love and enjoy for years to come.

* Renovations -Full/Spacial/ or by Room

Flooring, new windows, appliances, lighting and decor.

All services are custom to our clients specific needs and project goals.

Coming Soon!!

Our furniture collection pieces ,decor and other mercantile will be available for purchase on our website. Stay tuned for our transformation project videos on our site as well.

My goal for my company is to show my creativity through the works of people's homes. My passion is rooted in this expression of art by taking the visions of my consumer and bringing them to life.

E.L.A Interior Design Company is rooted in dedicating superior service to our customers to meet and exceed their expectations. We offer renovations which includes: consultation, research, development, procurement, execution, photography services along with staging and styling of the project. Our mission is to transform our customers' space with the intent of creativity and style.

Where can people contact you and schedule a consultation appointment?

To schedule a consultation please head over to our website:

You can book right on our booking page and choose the day and time that works best for you. If you are local you can choose online or in person consultation. *Payments made on or site are secure*

If the readers would like to follow you on your social media pages or view your website. Where can they learn more about E.L.A. Interior Design?

You can like and follow us on Instagram

If you have any questions about the booking process you can email us at :

E.L.A. Interior Design LLC

Follow us social media:

Instagram: E.L.A.interiordesign

Website: High style interior design | E.L.A. Interior Design LLC. (

If interested in our services feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you to create your dream space.

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