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Dr. Theresa A. Moseley Owner/CEO of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace, LLC

Dr. Theresa A. Moseley

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Her Excellency Dr. Theresa A. Moseley is originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is a United States Army Veteran, Retired Educator, a Motivational speaker, 14x-Best Selling Author, 3x International Best-Selling Author, a 3x-Award Winning Educator, and a Word of Life Ministries United Nations Peace Ambassador. H.E. Dr. Moseley is a Maxwell Certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer. H.E. Dr. Moseley has been featured in several magazines including International Face, Women of Dignity, Speakers Magazine, Tap-In, Vision and Purpose Magazine, and The Black Family, and Called2Inspire Magazine. She has been featured in over 300 news articles worldwide. H.E. Dr. Moseley was recognized as one of the Top 50 Courageous Women in Business, Leadership, and Entertainment as well as Hoinser Top 50 Entrepreneurs.  Dr. Moseley was awarded the Women of Heart Award in London, England for her work on peace. Dr. Moseley was honored for her excellence in Entrepreneurship and Empowerment at the Women Doing It Big Gala in Scottsdale, AZ. She a recipient of the Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Community Leaders and Heroes. She also received the Phenomenal Woman Award, She E O Boss Award, Speaker of the Year Award, and Veteran of the Year Award in 2023. H.E. Dr. Moseley is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC. Her company provides training on Transformational Leadership, and motivational speeches to organizations looking for ways to resolve conflicts in the community, schools, and other organizations wanting to create a peaceful climate and culture.

Dr. Theresa Ann Moseley, the theme of this edition is “Women Making Business Moves.” You are a Wolmi United Nations Peace Ambassador, United States Army Veteran, Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, 3x-Award Winning Educator, and retired educator of 28 years of service. First, thank you for your service. You are making a great impact in our community. Tell the readers about these great accomplishments.

In September 2022, I was selected to attend UN Peace Ambassador training. I was recommended after a speaker at a conference in New York heard me speak about inner peace and world peace. On May 20, 2022 I was sworn as a  Wolmi UN Peace Ambassador. During my 28 years in education, I won Prince George's County Outstanding Educator from the Chamber of Commerce, The EGATE Talented and Gifted Administrator from the State of Maryland, and in 2006  Prince George's County Outstanding Administrator. This year I was awarded The Phenomenal Woman Award, SHE E O Boss Award in Atlanta, GA, The Virginia C. Burnette Girl Boss Award, Rise to Greater Speaker of the Year Award in Alberta Canada, Women of Heart Love, Honor and Peace Award in London England, and crowned Emerald Queen of Peace in London.

Dr. Moseley, you are the Owner/CEO of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace, LLC. Tell the readers about your company and the services you offer clients.

My company provides training on transformational leadership, developing a positive culture, and leadership development.  I also provide motivational and inspirational speeches. 

Where can the readers learn more about your services?

Readers can learn more about my services on my website; and Speaker Hub where I outline my service topics in detail. 

You are the author of the book, “The Soft Skills For Effective Leadership.” Tell the readers about your book and the reason you wrote it.

The Essential Soft Skills for Effective Leadership-Steps to Living with Grace is an anthology with 22 experts on soft skills. While attending Peace Ambassador training I met a leader in a firm that needed soft skills training. Of course, I said, "Well let me write the book first."  As a result, I focused on 10 essential soft skills for leaders to develop to effectively communicate and collaborate with their staff.  It also is essential for building strong relationships at work, motivating others, and problem-solving. A leader with soft skills will also more than likely have a positive climate which leads to my big WHY, INNER PEACE FOR ALL. 

Tell us about your book, “Creating Ambassadors of Peace: 16 Steps to Become an Ambassador of Peace.”

I wrote Creating Ambassadors of Peace after I lost two students to violence during my first two years as a high school principal. I started a campaign for no more violence One School One Community One County at a Time. I use this book to teach people to communicate not retaliate, attack the problem, not the person, have compassion and empathy for others, and most importantly, know your gift and passion and live in your purpose to make the world a better place.

Dr. Moseley, you are a co-author of several books. Please tell us about these books.

I have co-authored several anthologies including Step Into Leadership Greatness Vol 1 and Vol 2, Women of Virtue Walking In Excellence, You Are Enough with Les Brown and Cheryl Wood and What's God got to Do with It. Most of these anthologies are on leadership, finding your passion, and living in your purpose.  My anthology Passion Purpose Peace - The Pathway through trials and tribulations are stories on how my co-authors overcame adversity to become successful entrepreneurs, speakers, writers, and business owners. This book provides hope to those who may be lost. 

As an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, what topics do you speak on at conferences and events?

As a motivational speaker, I speak about women empowerment, leadership, inner peace, world peace, discovering self, and living in your purpose.

What advice would you give to someone who is working in their industry, but needs assistance with learning the skills of effective leadership?

The advice I would give to someone who needs assistance with learning the skills of effective leadership is as follows:

1. Identify your leadership style. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Build a team around you to support your needs.

2. Develop strong communication skills because this will help your staff wanting to support you. Make sure you always practice by having a clear and concise thought or idea. Always ask for feedback and get ideas from your team.

3. Make sure you actively listen to others and always seek feedback, You can develop this skill by having eye contact, asking clarifying questions, and summarizing what you heard. 

4. Establish trust with your staff.  Be open, transparent, benevolent, and honest. 

Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops?

My next conference is December 9, 2023, The Step Into Leadership Greatness Summit.

January 27, 2024, Inspire Her Confidence Summit - Empowering Women Elevating Conference.

I will be part of a documentary for The Beautiful Face of the Invisible Illness in March 2024

My 2nd Annual Passion Purpose Peace Summit will be in the fall next year.

Give us some words to educate, inspire, and encourage women, and the readers of Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine.

It's important for everyone to know that they are here on earth to fulfill a divine assignment.  Everyone has a  gift that is meant to be shared with the world.  Your passion will always lead you to your purpose. When you live in your purpose, you will be successful, fulfilled, prosperous, and have inner peace.  When you have inner peace, there is peace all around you. This is what the world needs now. Life is but a short road to our ultimate destiny. Make peace, have compassion, and learn to love before you get there. 

Her Excellency Dr. Theresa A. Moseley

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