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Dorene Lewis-Author, Prophetic Praise Dancer, and Speaker

Updated: May 22

Dorene Lewis

Front Cover Spotlight


DORENE LEWIS is an Indianapolis Native, a

Mother And Grandmother.

Some of her great career accomplishments are as follows:

89 -1991-Began Opening Up For Famous R&B Artists And Comedians.

1991-1998 Professional NFL Cheerleader Cheered Seven Consecutive Years.

2001-To The Present Prophetic Anointing Flow Of The Holy Spirit Praise Dance Ministry.

2002- Appeared As a Guest On The National Global TV Ministry Show It's Time To Praise the Lord" on TBN.

2015- Established My Company Indianapolis Artist Alliance Production Company.

2015 -Directed And Produce Professional Singing Competition.

2017-2018 Wrote, Directed and Produced The Stage Play "Dance Miss. DORENE"

2018- Graduated and earned my certificate license as an Ordained Minister.

2018-2019 Crown Ms Circle City Indy Queen.

2019- Graduated In The World Summit With All Nations. Certificate In Biblical prophetic Ministry School In Dance.

2020-Release Book Titled-Miss DORENE.

2021-Won I AM H.E.R International Award For Prophetic Praise Dancer Of The Year.

2001-Won Ms. Sunburst Indiana State Queen.

2020-Dancer For The Hit Stage Play "Who Stole My Church Hat?"

2022- Open Up For Gospel Artists In Dance.

2023-Dancer in The Stage Play, "The Carol"

2023-Newest Book Title-" ARIELLE: Mystery Hidden Within.

2024-Won I am H.E.R International Awarded for Praise Dancer Of The Year.YouTuber Of The Year.

Has Appeared In Gospel Magazines Traveled To Minister In Dance. at conferences, Events, Parades, Halftime Shows, And Ministries Across the United States.

Both of my Books. Can Be Order On Amazon And Barnes And Nobles. Go to in the search box And Type In My Name Dorene Lewis. Books Will Pop Up.


Name Of My Ministry. Prophetic Anointing Flow Of The Holy Spirit Praise Dance Ministry, Indianapolis Artist Alliance Production Company.

Front Cover Blog Spotlight Interview

Thank you for being featured in the Front Cover Spotlight for Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine. Please introduce and tell the readers about yourself.

I am a native of Indianapolis where I was born and raised my whole life. Also, I am a Mother Grandmother, Early Childhood Professional, Child Of God Minister Of The Gospel, Prophetic Praise Dancer, and President Of Indianapolis Artist Alliance Production Company.

Ms. Dorene Lewis, what services you offer clients as the CEO and President of the “Indianapolis Artist Alliance Production?”

The services I provide to our young men and women is the opportunity to let their light shine through their gifts and talents on stage. I am a Playwright who direct and produce to showcase great talent from our young people. This give them an opportunity where they can come forth in their style of flow in acting, dancing, singing, and writing. Once we bring in clients, my company also teach them how to perform on stage in their character in front of an audience. We bring in guest mentors to come in and train our clients along with my assistance. It is an honor to serve in this area to give back to our young men and women in our communities. When they are on stage performing, they have the training and tools they need to share their gifts and talents.

You are blessed with the gift and talent as a Prophetic Praise Dancer. I absolutely love your anointed and powerful praise and worship dance videos on YouTube. Tell the readers what inspired you to start to become a Praise Dancer?

In September of 2021, this is a true story I was working in the pediatric wing for mothers and children. My job was to go in and out of the rooms to pray with the families while I would sit and comfort them. One day I wrote this on the wall everyday, "God is good all the time, God is good" I stood and smiled and I heard the voice of God and He said "Praise me in dance!" I didn't know what to think. He said it again. "Praise me in dance." I stood back and took a deep breath. I said oh my gosh! That is God and He is talking to me and I said "Yes, I will!" And I said to God, but I don't know how, He said "I will teach you." Here it is 22 years later and I'm still flowing in the spirit in the prophetic flow in dance. That is how my ministry got started and I use prophetic praise dance on my channel to minister before His people. God sends me out to minister around the city and out of state at events wherever He needs me to go I go.


Congratulations. Recently, you won the 2024 I AM H.E.R International Praise Dance of the Year and YouTube Channel.  Tell us about that wonderful experience at the I AM HER International USA Experience & Award Gala.

To win I AM HER International USA Experience & Award Gala as "Praise Dancer of the Year 2024" and "YouTuber of the Year" was a beautiful experience. The event was held down in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was amazing to be nominated out of so many hundreds of women all around the world. To showcase the gift God has given me in prophetic dance where he manifests himself in my dance. I am so grateful that He blessed me with those awards and the event was truly amazing, beautiful, and exquisite!! It was great to meet such beautiful Mighty Women of God with so many phenomenal gifts and talents that we all use to glorify God.


Ms. Dorene Lewis, I know you were part of the stage play, “Encounters: Navigating the Stages of Grief Post Pandemic. What was your role in the stage play and the reason you became part of it?

In June 2024, I will be in an upcoming stage play called "Encounters." My character is the wind and the dancing angel. The play contains men and women that have lost loved ones, neighbors, coworkers, and friends during the pandemic. The play will show where God comes in and heal the hearts of those that is still suffering through grief. I am very excited to minister and to be used by God where His people can be healed, delivered, and set free.

Tell the readers about your stage play written, directed, and produced by you called “Dance Miss Dorene-The Musical.”

Dance Miss Dorene-The Musical actually started from a movie screenplay that was written about me back in 2002. I was approached by two amazing people that had contacted Hollywood about my life story. I'm a survivor of domestic violence since birth. I was approach again in 2018 a formal movie director from HBO had contacted me because of hearing about my life story.

They had the funding to film my life story, so I sat down with my best friend and my family and we went over the contract I said no. I felt it wasn't time yet for the movie of my life story. I decided to write, direct, and produce my life story and have it betrayed on stage as a musical, which was very successful. Over 30 men, women, and children came out to cast for their characters. The musical was amazing so we did two shows from the year 2017 through 2018 and they both was very successful.

Do you have any upcoming stage plays this year? If so, how can we support you?

My goal for later this year is to write, direct, and produce this newest stage play, "ARIELLE: Mystery Hidden Within. It is going to take a lot of things such as: props, backdrops, costumes, and a larger cast to be part of this stage play. This play is going to be one of the biggest ones I have ever produced.

If you someone would like to contact you to be part of their conference or event. How can they contact you?

For speaking engagements and dance. or my Facebook name is DORENE LEWIS

Ms. Dorene Lewis, you are an Author and wrote the book, Miss Dorene: God has brought me too far I can’t quit now!  What is your book about and the reason you wrote it?

MISS DORENE it's the story about a little girl who overcame. domestic violence. Drama, trauma, suspense thriller action mystery All the above. since she was an infant was beaten out of her mother womb. born in into this world weighing in at 2 pounds. and only have 24 hours to live. God brought her through. abused by her abusive father. abandoned and neglected. thrown out on the streets with her mother and siblings. homeless. Later she was locked away in the attic for 6 years off and on of her life. Victim of being bullied. With God grace and love. Overcame a learning mental disability. and later to feel her childhood dream to become an NFL professional cheerleader.

Last year, you released a children’s book, “Arielle: Mystery Hidden Within.” The book cover is absolutely beautiful. Tell us about “Arielle: Mystery Hidden Within” and the powerful storyline.

My newest book Arielle: Mystery Hidden Within. I wrote this book a few years ago in the year of 2020. And the Lord had me pick it up to finish writing it in January 2023. This book is a thriller action pack sci-fi spiritual with mystery. The story is for preteen teens, kids, and young adults. The storyline is about Arielle not being chosen to be the 399. What is the 399 I can't tell you the story you got to get the book it's phenomenal. This story is backed up by the scripture Ezekiel 37:10.

Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops?

Right now, I'm working with these amazing beautiful princesses ages 7 up to 12 years. I've been training these beautiful young ladies in dance about two years now. My heart just leap with joy to see their faces radiant getting them prepared for their beautiful occasion that's coming up later this year. They will be ordained as princesses. I love working with our young people in our communities. Sharing with them what God has given to me to teach them the love and the grace in dance. Yes, it is quite a few events coming up for me that I am scheduled for this year to travel. So, I'm excited that God keeps me busy. I love staying busy and very active.


Give us some words to educate, inspire, and encourage women and the readers of Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine.

Words of encouragement are trust God and rely on Him for everything. Pray to God and ask Him what is the purpose and the plan for your life. Once that light bulb goes off you can sit back and take a deep breath. That's how much Christ loves us. 

Dorene Lewis

Author, Prophetic Praise Dancer,

and Speaker

If you would like to contact Dorene Lewis for praise dance or speaking engagements,

send email to

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