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Coach Elizabeth Crawford, M.Ed, GCDF, CWDP- Women of Excellence Spotlight

Coach Elizabeth Crawford


Elizabeth Crawford also known as Coach Liz defined her niche as a Certified Career and Personal Development Coach. With a passion to assist women in developing their career brand, meeting and exceeding career goals and establishing a frame of balance.

Wisdom & Insights is also a Tax and Financial firm assisting clients in state and federal tax preparation, budgeting, setting money goals and financial strategy. We take pride in assisting our clients build legacy and generational wealth.

Coach Liz infuses unique skills and talents in assisting her clients. She believes in a holistic approach, catering to the mind, body and spirit. Her belief is that the family unit can function successfully when all members are healthy, whole and working together.

During the pandemic, Coach Liz partnered with the Academy of Creative Coaching providing services to those affected and facing challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The initiative, “Coaching during Covid” donated three sessions per client need.

Coach Liz has also received extensive training while working as a government contractor. She hasalso worked as an Interventionist and Parent Educator for a Behavioral Care private practice. This credible training and experience is what uniquely sets her apart. Coach was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and became a resident of the State of South Carolina in 2005.

Spiritually she believes God has provided everything we need pertaining to life and godliness! 2 Peter 1:3.


Taking the Limits Off

Elizabeth Crawford

Chapter Abstract

What is it that could be holding you back from your greatness? Could it be you? What may be keeping you in a place of stagnant growth and development may include the following: limiting beliefs (lack of confidence, self-esteem and an overall negative belief system), support (or lack of support particularly in relationships with persons who may not have your best interest at heart), lack of knowledge (formal education and lack of resources) and fear (this is the biggest and most simplistic factor).

Your belief system and how you view yourself as a person who brings “value” influences the way you view your success as well as failure! You will hold yourself hostage from your potential growth, development, promotion and life’s journey, if you cannot control not only negative outside forces but those problematic internal thoughts.

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