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Tamara Brown Founder & CEO of JAK's Essentials

Tamara Brown


I am Tamara Brown, but what does that tell you? NOTHING! I am the creator behind many brands out on the market including my own. I am a master hair & skincare formulator which means that I create and formulate products not only for my brand (JAK's Essentials) but for private label clients as well. JAK's Essentials is an all natural handmade skincare company that provides skincare specially formulated to target common skincare conditions. When developing our products I not only wanted to help solve the effects of skin ailments but I want our customers to feel good in their own skin. I believe that skincare is a true form of self-care. I have studied with herbalist, master formulators and have several certifications in natural skin and haircare formulations. I am always continuing my education in order to bring you the latest techniques in natural & organic formulation. I am shy by nature so I am always in the background especially when it comes to product development for my clients. When I create and develop a brand for a client it is their brand and product. It is specially formulated for them to brand as their own. My passion is creating and developing new products. I love to see how natural raw and organic ingredients can be transformed into something amazing. I have decided to step from behind the scenes in order to share what I have learned, learning and developing. It is my vision to create, educate and expand my brand while helping others build their own.

If you would like to learn more JAK's Essentials products and services, visit their websites at

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