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Pammy Mills Founder & CEO of Mizzazz Catering

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Pammy Mills

Innovating Since 1998

The desire to serve and prepare meals began more than 20 years ago. This desire was nurtured with opportunities to serve and prepare meals for church events, recitals, appreciation dinners, weddings and baby showers. The desires overflowed into a passion for providing catering services for special occasions. Since then, God birthed Mizzazz Catering to allow Ms. Mills to use her anointing to serve Him and others.

For the past 10 years and currently, Ms. Mills have served as a Food Service Director for two Mega Churches. She has been dedicated in her role, and had the pleasure to serve the Senior Pastors, their families, all special guests and the congregation.

Mizzazz Catering is committed to providing the most exceptional meals and impeccable service at an affordable price. If you would like learn more about Mizzazz Catering and the services they offer clients, visit their website at

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