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Omar-Founder of Nakankou Alterations & Tailoring, LLC

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Professional Tailor of South Carolina-Omar


Omar was born in Paris, France and grew up in Guinee, Conakry in West Africa where he was raised and lived with his Great-Grandmother NaKankou for a few years. Later he traveled with his parents to live in Germany and then Omar moved to Belgium to attend school. After he left Belgium, Omar parents enrolled him in a Tailoring program in Guinee, Conakry, and then he traveled to Paris, France to attend Tailoring School to become a Professional.

Omar has been a Professional Tailor for over 20 years now, in which he has a love and passion for his work. During the pandemic in 2020, Omar had a vision along with his wife to create and start an alteration business. He decided to name his business after his Great-Grandmother, Nakankou who was a nurse and midwife who helped many women and assisted with delivering babies in the village of Guinee, West Africa. She opened up her home and allowed people to stay there until they left for their successful careers. Being full of her loving spirit and good deeds, God blessed her to live to be 110 years old. She raised Omar when he was a child and he loved her dearly. Omar learned through her how to give to others and named his business after his Great-Grandmother, which is an honor for him.

Please introduce and tell the readers a little about yourself.

My name is Omar also known as the Professional Tailor of South Carolina. I am the Founder/CEO of Nakankou Alterations & Tailoring, LLC. One thing about me I am very detailed and I love to make sure my customers are satisfied and their clothing fit them nicely. I believe with the work I do first impressions are everything. Secondly, I want make sure to keep my customers trust through my work.

What inspired you to become a Tailor?

What inspired me the most to become a Tailor is I believe in dressing well because it transforms a person in a good way. I absolutely love the work I do as a Tailor when I see my customers happy.

What services you offer at Nakankou Alterations & Tailoring?

Nakankou Alterations & Tailoring offer services which include: Alterations on formal wear, prom dresses, wedding dresses, jacket repairs, pants hemming, slim fit pants, sewing patches on uniforms, zipper replacement, along with alterations on men, women, and children suits.

Where can people contact you and schedule an appointment?

They can schedule an appointment for their clothing alterations by completing this form: or call 803-748-5661.

If the readers would like to follow you on your social media pages or view your website. Where can they learn more about your alteration business?

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