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Maikel Diane Brown-Owner/Creator of The Brown Gals, LLC

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Maikel Diane Brown

Maikel Diane Brown is a self-published authorprenuer, who is also a creative artist and a full time single mother of one. She was born in Montgomery, Alabama and currently resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. In addition to writing, she enjoys art, music, traveling and spending time with her daughter, family and close friends. Maikel Diane is the proud owner of The Brown Gals, LLC, “A Transcendent Space of Creativity to Inspire, Influence & Motivate”. Drawing from her experiences, imagination and native roots, Maikel Diane creates a variety of content for both adults and children.

“I am the proud owner/creator of The Brown Gals, LLC. I am “That Gal” who is a Mother, Daughter, Sister, and a Friend. A strong and talented Black Woman from the South coming into her own. The meaning behind the color “Brown” evokes an organic sense of strength and resilience. Growth and feelings of peace. These are just a few of the many characteristics of what I feel a Brown Gal embodies. Having a space where I can continuously showcase my authentic self and work I feel is necessary to share with others. Through my writings, lifestyle, and mixed media artwork, you can get a glimpse of what I bring to the table. I bring me. Highlighting the beauty of myself as an Authorprenuer, Brown Gal, and Creative.

The Brown Gals is A Transcendent Space of Creativity to Inspire, Influence & Motivate.

“I get most of my ideas for my writings from my everyday life and past experiences. I’ve often caught myself laughing with friends and family in person or through texts saying “that would make a good movie!” when different things happen to us. So me being me, I often “write it out” to bring the idea or event to life. Whether fictional or nonfictional, I believe giving the reader a strong piece that they can FEEL makes for a great story! My first book that I am honored to have self published through my business The Brown Gals, LLC is titled “Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?”. The book's illustrations were created by Fx And Color Studio. I wrote this book with both adults and children in mind. “Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?” was inspired by a true and loving relationship between myself and my daughter. Sometimes thinking of the perfect response can be challenging with certain questions, so I created a story of hypothetical questions that a child might ask their grown-up in the future about LIFE! Wanting my readers to enjoy the loving and poetic conversation a mother has with her young daughter named August, that plays on a brainstorming technique (5 W’s & H questions) to help her realize why she is AWESOME!”

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