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Kimberly McLemore CEO/Founder of the Women's Small Business Initiative, LLC (WSBI, LLC)

Kimberly McLemore

Kimberly Mc Lemore is more than an award winning Author, Military Veteran, and the CEO/Founder of the Women's Small Business Initiative, LLC (WSBI, LLC). She also has the gift of "Storytelling".

As a seasoned Business Strategist Kimberly helps you move beyond your challenges and execute your vision. She works predominantly with women (and some men), teaching strategies and sharing resources to help them live out their passions by creating sustainable small businesses that keeps them in the power seat.

Kimberly has always been about "serving", and has done so for more than 4+ years. Serving many women business owners helps them gain the maximum exposure they need to catapult their business and profitability through the power of their voice, increasing their visibility nationally and internationally. Because not everyone is always comfortable speaking in front of people Kimberly provided a platform to allow business owners the opportunity to share their gift by telling their stories.

If you are a woman seeking resources to get yourself motivated, then look no further than “Your Resource for Success Podcast”. As the name suggests, “Your Resource for Success Podcast” is all about inspiring the upcoming as well as the established women entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. Start each week with this podcast, where you will get the opportunity to meet a new business owner who will take you behind the scenes of their success stories. These guests share their inspirations, challenges, and successes of being in the business.

Hosted by Kimberly Mc Lemore, “Your Resource for Success Podcast” has almost a total of 200 episodes to date. Each episode features guests who are experts in their field. They share their expertise and knowledge with the listeners to motivate them and help them grow. This podcast deals with topics that will help aspiring, as well as established entrepreneurs, grow in their business by providing valuable information about the world of business.

Listeners love to hear from their favorite host, Kimberly Mc Lemore, who leaves no stone unturned in making the show lively and boisterous.

Your Resource for Success Podcast is live every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm eastern on some of the most influential media platforms such as: iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, YouTube just to name a few. Or you can download the mobile app on Google Play to listen to your favorite episode.

Follow on social media:

IG: @kmmclemore_

Twitter: @wsbillc

If you would like to learn more about Kimberly McLemore's books and services offered visit her website at

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