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Graduating From Pain To Purpose

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Author Shronda Beeks

Shronda Beeks is the author of Graduating From Pain To Purpose. She is a Mississippian Native. She realized at a young age that writing is her passion. When she is not working she always has a book in her hand. Shronda is a single mother to her son Bradley who she adores and is big on family values. She attended Mississippi State University where she obtained a bachelor's degree in Communications.

Shronda is a woman of God who looks to inspire and encourage women to find the good within themselves. She uses writing to help encourage others to step out on faith and to follow their dreams. Her passion for writing increased through her son Bradley and her beloved deceased Grandmother Evelyn “Big Mama” Anderson French. When Shronda is not writing, she is reading, blogging, and expanding her horizon in the world of writing. Shronda believes in women empowerment and is always willing to help and lead women in the direction of healing and powering through in life. She is the co-author of an anthology book titled, “In Spite Of It All” and plans to release more books soon. Her mentality has always been if you have a pulse you have a purpose so each and everyday that God wakes you up, you are given the opportunity to make a difference and to follow your dreams.

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