Inspirational Christian Author Who Help People Dreams Become A Reality

Updated: Jan 29

Dr. Richelle Resto's Interview

Interviewer: Please introduce and tell us a little about yourself.

Dr. Richelle Resto is packaged with an authentic style, charisma, conceptual ideas, and wisdom. I am dedicated to sharing realistic, accessible, sassy, fun, cheeky, and sometimes confrontational information needed to make people dreams become a reality! I believe in Making Transformational Move! Dr. Richelle (Resto) McMillan

Interviewer: What inspired you to become an Author and write inspirational Christian books?

I’ve been journaling since my high school into my adulthood years. Many of my journals are memoir of short stories that has been captured from various life experiences.

Interviewer: Where can your books be purchased?


Interviewer: Do you have any books to be released in the upcoming year?

Yes, I do have a book to be released next year called "Married To The Pastor Preacher."

Interviewer: Dr. Resto, you are the Founder of the ministry “Spiritual Sons and Daughters Movement.” Please tell us what is the mission of your ministry?

Dr. Resto has been instrumental in overseeing various departments within the ministry. She has assisted ministries with implementing viable children's tutoring programs within several ministries and has had the opportunity to oversee various departments. She is the Founder and President of a monumental Women’s ministry called the Spiritual Daughters Movement. This movement has empowered, encouraged an