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Christina Waters-Founder/CEO of My Tris Consulting, LLC

Christina Waters


Christina Waters is a creative chemist who grew up in Savannah, Georgia. Christina attended Georgia State University earning a degree in chemistry and then earned an MPH at Fort Valley State University. She currently resides in the Atlanta area with her family. She contributes to public health and safety throughout her day-to-day responsibilities as a food chemist for the Food and Drug Administration.

Christina is an advocate for science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) education, particularly for underrepresented groups in the field, such as African Americans and women. She is passionate about sharing her journey in the STEM industry and helping other STEM professionals and students start and grow their STEM careers.

Christina turned her passion into a business in November 2019 by starting a STEM career consulting agency called MyTris Consulting LLC in which she serves as a credible resource to other STEM professionals. The business name is derived from her children’s names: Myah and Tristan. Tristan’s Laboratory of ABCs is a tribute to her son and desire to teach the youth about STEM. In addition to her love for STEM, Christina also enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, and watching all things HGTV. For more information, you can contact her on LinkedIn or by emailing

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