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Author TaRessa Stovall Swirl Girl: Coming Of Race In The USA

Author TaRessa Stovall


TaRessa Stovall is an author, blogger, journalist, and identity rabble-rouser in the battle against racism. Her books include: "A Love Supreme: Real Life Stories of Black Love; Other’s Peole’s Skin; Proverbs for the People and the Hot Spot."

Book Description:

Swirl Girl: Coming Of Race In The USA by TaRessa Stovall spills raw truths about how a hard-headed, mixed-race "Black Power Flower Child" battles society to live on her own terms. From the 1968 riots after Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination to the 2008 election of the first biracial black President, TaRessa busts stereotypes and fights for "And" in a world of "Either/Or."

Author TaRessa Stovall's book, "Swirl Girl: Coming Of Race In the USA" is described as a

"A dynamic page turning read that is smartly-written, amusing, informative and intimate."

The book has also been recommended for everyone to read, especially people with mixed children and grandchildren. One reader states the book is "moving, inspiring, bold and evocative."

This book will take the reader on a journey through the story of Author TaRessa Stovall's life, which has been expressed by another reader as "Gut-wrenching and beautifully poetic."

"Swirl Girl: Coming Of Race In The USA" was reviewed by a reader who enjoyed the book as "Heart-grabbing, emotional roller coaster and so worth it"

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