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Allyson Olivia- Author & Owner of Penvision Ink

Author Allyson Olivia

Allyson Olivia, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, is the owner of Penvision Ink, a publishing company dedicated to producing books that inspire others to understand their worth. As a child, she took an interest in writing poetry and short stories and later pursued that passion in her studies. She has a master’s in Biblical and Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, a master’s in Journalism from Syracuse University, and a bachelor’s in Mass Communications from Susquehanna University. She released a children’s book, The Adventures of Super Cam, which is about a boy who uses his super powers to help other children. This story demonstrates that everyone can use his or her gifts and talents to change the world. In a time where bullying is commonplace, this story celebrates kindness and the fun in being a child. She also released the novella, Mariel The Book Helper, which is about a girl who is seeking purpose after her father dies. In her journey, she finds new relationships and adventure in the quietest place imaginable- the library. Her first novel, In the Name of The Father, is about a woman's struggle to love and put her faith in God despite what she witnessed in her home and in the church. Her passion for telling this story about a woman's struggle to love herself, her man and God comes from her soul. As a woman of faith, Allyson knows how the pains of life can push you to places you never thought you would go. In her desire to grow in Christ, she realizes the everyday struggles of believers and how we fail in the flesh and illustrates these challenges in her writing. It is her prayer that readers will be pointed to the hope we have in Jesus Christ in every situation. She hopes everyone will realize that apart from God, we can do nothing, but with God, anything is possible.

You can connect with Allyson Olivia on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Twitter: Allyson Olivia

Also, Author Allyson Olivia's books are available on Amazon at the link below:

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