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Adrienne T. Jones-Founder of Orange Hopes Senior Initiatives

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Adrienne T. Jones


Adrienne Terese Jones is a native of South Carolina, where she attended the Orangeburg County District public school system. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources Management from Winthrop University. She then continued her studies at Strayer University completing a master’s degree in Public Administration. Her career spans from Social Service, Social Work, Case Management, and Community Service. Adrienne has dedicated her life’s work to working with Seniors, being a firm advocate for their healthcare, social well-being, and as an elder care specialist. With over a decade of experience working for the department of Disabilities & Special Needs Board compiled the many years and devotion she has towards social service. She is now the CEO of Abundant Care Case Management which allows her to provide excellent service and care, bridging the gap for many seniors who are unable to seek assistance on their own.

Adrienne is also the Founder/Chairperson of Orange Hopes Senior Initiatives, a nonprofit organization that allows her to put her passion to work. Through her organization, she provides a safe haven for seniors to network through her annual Orange Hopes Conference, Alzheimer’s Walk, periodic fundraisers, and care packages delivered monthly. The foundation reaches those who need real-life connections and support. She is also a member of the advisory council of the American Society of Aging, on the planning committee of the Walk 2 End Alzheimer’s Association, and a member of the National Association of Case Management. Through all the great contributions Adrienne has made in her career, she is active in her church, Acts Missionary Baptist Church led by her father where she serves as a Missionary which affords her the privilege of encouraging and promoting senior initiatives.

Adrienne is the proud mother of two awesome adult sons, Pastor Andrell D. (Krystal) Collier Greene and Ajani Tyriq Collier Belton. She has two grandchildren, Kayden and Kamora. Adrienne enjoys reading, traveling, fellowshipping with her church members, and being with her family. As she continues to inspire others, she believes that you should always let your light shine.

If you would like to learn more about Ms. Adrienne T. Jones nonprofit, "Orange Hopes Senior Initiatives" visit her website at or send an email to

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