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Dr. Sherley Lefevre Founder of Precious Gem Ministries

Dr. Sherley Lefevre

Dr. Sherley Lefevre a.k.a. "Precious Gem" which is her pen name, was born in Brooklyn, New York and is of Haitian descent. She is married to her loving husband Samuel and is a mother to her loving son Jeremiah. Despite the many trials encountered in her childhood and adult years, Sherley retained her love and passion for God. She has a mission to spread the love of Jesus Christ through her gifts of counseling, teaching, and writing.

Sherley is a Registered Nurse by trade having completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nursing, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Nursing. Sherley holds a Master’s in Theology (MDiv) and a Doctorate in Practical Ministry (PhD). Additionally, Sherley is a Certified Christian Counselor who specializes in grief, trauma, women’s issues, and relationships.

Sherley is an empowered woman called to counsel, inspire, and empower women! Sherley is the founder of Precious Gem Ministries, which is a non-profit faith-based organization devoted to women’s empowerment and spiritual growth.

Precious Gem Ministries exists to provide Christian Bible teaching and resources through books, sermons, intercessory prayers, evangelical missions and more specifically for the purpose of teaching, edifying and empowering women. The organization has a local and global mission to assist those in despair, who feel destitute and hopeless to find strength and hope in the time of need. The ministry provides spiritual growth opportunities for women through monthly meetings, daily inspirational posts via their Facebook group (Precious Gems for Christ) as well as ongoing events throughout the year.

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Also, if you would to order a copy of her book, "The Master's Piece"

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