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Deonte Bolden-Actor, Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Playwright, Writer, and Award Winning Author

Deonte' Bolden

Deonte' Bolden is an Award-Winning Atlanta based authors filmmaker, host, and playwright. Through his production company Deonte' 'Bolden Productions. The Washington DC native made his directing and playwriting debut with the premiere of the stage play " Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places." The inaugural work was well- received by the Atlanta community and inspired audiences during the 2 sold out performances. He is the author of two publications, Purpose Pains which won The PEACH Theatre Literary Award in 2020 and a children’s book, Differently Abled, which is an empowerment book about four children with disabilities who go on a journey of developing self-love, acceptance, and confidence. The empowering story recently landed him an interview on Atlanta’s 11Alive News and Atlanta Live on WATC TV 57 in Atlanta. Deonte' is currently developing a series of works built around his life experiences that will inspire many generations.

The Skin I'm In Vol. 1 Melanin Melanie-Film Synopsis:

The story of Melanie Hart, a wife and mother, who struggles with accepting, embracing, and loving herself due to her past trauma of being bullied due to being biracial. She tries to protect her daughter, Bailey, from experiencing the same hatred, abuse, and torment that she endured as she promotes acts of colorism. However, soon she realizes that racism comes in all forms and that she has been following the same principles as her abusers. “The fight begins...from within."

Differently Abled Book Description:

Middle school is an exciting time for many students at Ordinary Lane , but it’s challenging for some including four disabled students named King, Majesty, Adore, and Royal who find it difficult to make friends and fit in while being the center of everyone’s pranks and jokes. It’s around Christmas time, and they are tired and frustrated. After talking with their teacher, Mr. Arthur, they decide to write a letter to Santa asking him to make them normal for one day. What is normal? Time is running out, so they decide to personally deliver the letter to Santa at the North Pole, and when they get there their request is granted by an Elf, as he guides them on a magical journey of seeing life on the other side of being disabled. However, they will soon realize that life isn’t as grand as they thought it would be and even though they are different, they make a difference.


Is an introspective autobiography, where author & playwright, Deonte' Bolden, recounts how he overcame a multitude of personal challenges by grace and through his faith in God. The 5 chapter volume is built around his journeys of Preparation, Adaptation, Illumination, Navigation, and Supplication. In the end this inspirational book will encourage the reader to understand every situation, circumstance, and sometimes painful experience as an opportunity to grow towards a true spiritual awakening

Deonte' Bolden Production Play: "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places"

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