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Author Freddie Rodgers Simmons

Author Freddie Rodgers Simmons

Author Bio:

Freddie Rodgers Simmons was born in Marvell, Arkansas on Christmas Day. Throughout her life, Freddie has had a true passion for children, their development, happiness, and well-being. After being led to leave her job with the federal government, Freddie owned and operated a successful daycare business for over 30 years, caring for children from infancy to their tween years. She has also been a volunteer dedicated to drama ministry in her church, and acted in numerous community and church theatrical productions throughout the DMV. She is a recently retired elementary school educator, working with students in the Maryland public school system. Married for 43 years, Freddie has three adult children who have provided a great source of motivation and inspiration to her, including this story modeled after one of her children's own experiences as an elementary student. Freddie currently resides in the DMV area where she has lived since the early 70's.

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New Book Spotlight

Book Title: Lil Dal No Tattle Telling

Book Description:

Timeless Information Delivered in New and Fun Ways for Our Children, Parents, and Others Who Support Them

Imagine not knowing what to tell, when to tell or who to tell... In this debut book by new author and recently retired educator of 30+ years, Freddie Rodgers Simmons, comes an important and timeless story to help youth understand bullying, healthy doses of fear, expressing themselves when needed, and how parents and teachers can work together for the safety and inclusion of all children, whatever their unique needs may be. Teaching children the difference between trivial versus serious misbehavior, and that their voice matters, can help foster positive self-image, expression, and assertiveness, and help cultivate stronger relationships. Lil Dal No Tattle Telling follows a day in the life of Lil Dal, as he grapples with school bullies and tries to figure out how to stop them.

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Instagram: @missfreddiemae

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