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Author Darliss Batchelor's Prolific Pen

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Author Darliss Batchelor

Author Darliss Batchelor prolific pen breathes fire into stories of everyday believers who fumble in their faith. Captivated by words and armed with her love for GOD, she uses her vivid imagination to entertain, inspire and set her readers free.

…but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the granddaughter of a playwright who used art to defeat the weapons that were formed before they could defeat.

Author Darliss Batchelor received her call to write as she casually squeezed the sand between her toes on the cozy beaches of Cozumel, Mexico. Ten years later, her first book – Secrets was born. She hasn’t stopped blazing across the keyboard since!

Darliss’ dynamic voice leaps from the pages of her best-selling books: Hell is a Skyscraper: A Trio of Novelettes, Something Else to Want, The Make-Believe Wives, and The Make-Believe Family. Her anointed library of work is listed as both required and optional texts for a university-level Oral Communications class. The mentor of the Scribe Tribe writer’s group released What is God’s Name and Edgar’s Embrace in 2019; she’s hard at work letting her next faith-filled drama spill from her pen.

Steadfast in her craft and committed to uplifting others, Darliss is also a passionate speaker who brings her unfiltered brand of encouragement to church groups, women’s groups, mainstream events and more. She stays ready with a word that reaches beyond religion; she pierces the heart.

When she’s not deep in her latest story, Darliss loves spending time with her husband of over thirty years - Greg, her son, Brandon and adorable grandsons, Bentley and Nikolas. She relaxes by reading good books, cruising, enjoying Detroit Pistons basketball and bingeing television court shows.

There’s a tear and chuckle tucked between the pages of Darliss Batchelor’s page-turning books. Her characters and images stay with readers long after they’ve read the last word.

You can find more information about Darliss at her website at and on social media at

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