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Alicia Small Your Realtor For Life

Alicia Small

Your Realtor For Life

Small Name Big Results

I am a local realtor here in Columbia, SC and I absolutely love what I do. I help families make moves, especially military families and veterans and I pride myself in making the experience of purchasing a home or selling a home as stress free as possible. I, in my military life, moved often, and I relate to the uniqueness of military life. Although Columbia (The Midlands), Lexington are my primary service areas I service SC from Rockhill, SC to Charleston, SC and other surrounding areas. I always tell my clients I am your realtor for life because it does not end when we close the deal, I believe you need my assistance expertise, guidance and resources beyond the closing table. I have a saying we start off as realtor and client and usually end up as friends. I am a divorced mother of two grown kids and a graduate of Columbia College with a degree in Psychology. I was an army brat for 26 years and a military wife for 7 years. I traveled with the military working for the government until I settled back down in Columbia, SC. I worked at Verizon Wireless for 16 years before stepping out on faith and leaving that career to start my own business. I was a serial entrepreneur and started several businesses which all led me to the business of real estate. I learned from each of the businesses and connected with wonderful, like-minded people that I have built long-lasting relationships with that help me in real estate. I love people and love motivating people to strive to do what they desire to do. I have been working in the real estate industry for over 6 years now and love real estate and helping families make moves, whether its selling a home, buying a home, obtaining a commercial place for business or investing in real estate. If you are ready to make moves for you and your family. I am definitely the realtor for you. I look forward to working with you.

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