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Successful Women In Business

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Women are winning in various industries and becoming successful in walking in their purpose in life.

Women are becoming successful and winning in various industries of business, entrepreneurship, ministry, and within their non-profit organizations. It is a time when supporting one another is of great importance to succeed when society has been driven by male dominated businesses, corporations, and organizations who do not always allow women to be in leadership positions. When women work together and unite we become stronger to build our brands and make successful moves of progress in overall society.

Let's make sure to help other women in their growth by supporting them in a positive and uplifting way. Through building up our networks, it leads to those who will contribute to your mission, purpose, and vision in business. One of my missions as the Founder/CEO of Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine is to support women in various industries spotlighting their gifts and talents.

As women we must L.E.A.D to success and build a legacy that will elevate future generations making great impact. Not only women, but men should continue to build a strong legacy as well. However, in the past many women did not pursue careers or entrepreneurship because they took on the role as homemakers while raising their children. It is imperative for women to step up in leadership and make things happen. It is no time to wait for validation from others who will not appreciate your commitment and will devalue who you are and your purpose in life. We must rise up to L.E.A.D to success no longer accepting negative people and things that will cause us to not succeed in our efforts to progress to a higher level of success.

Business Tips:

1.Remove negative people or things out of your life

2. Watch your circle only allowing people into your life who build you up and are supportive of your work.

3. Keep moving forward with your purpose despite lack of support from immediate family and friends. Sometimes they are the very ones that will try to distract you from fulfilling your purpose in life.

4. Small steps of success is better than not doing nothing at all. Remember small seeds planted in the ground grows when watered into a beautiful plant. This is the growth that takes place because of watering these small seeds. Water your seeds of purpose, in order for growth to happen.

5. Do not give up on your God-given purpose. It is better not to let all of your hard work go down the drain, but to press forward despite challenges to cross the finish line.

Written By Author Jennifer Diaby

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