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Author Kimberly Stratton Yet Will I Serve Him

Author Kimberly Stratton

My name is Kimberly Stratton and I am a self-publishing, international book selling author. I give honor first and foremost to God because without Him, none of this would be possible. I thank God for an amazing support group: my Mom, my best friend Nadia Winder, my godchildren, my mentor, and a host of friends, family, loved ones as well as those in the ministry who have prayed with me and supported me in more ways than I can count.

Since I was a child, I loved to write. I wrote in journals I purchased and created; on pieces of paper, napkins as well as using an assortment of computers, iPads, laptops, a typewriter and sometimes my bedroom walls. When I was young, writing was a way to escape the real world. It was my way of masking hurt, tears and pain. Huge chunks of my life growing up, I did not love the real world I lived in, those in it and at times, not even myself. I was able to create an alternate world where the world’s problems could not interfere. Don’t get me wrong. There were good times in the real world and on occasions, I would stick my head back into it and absorb those memories: holiday food, family gatherings, cooking with my Mom and grandmom Theresa, having fun, crabbing and fishing and enjoying the beach.

As years flew by, I began to write more and more. In April of 2020, God allowed me to self-publish my 1st book A Voice For The Silent Ones. The 30 raw and powerful testimonials from the homeless and less fortunate communities make you think – not assume – why they are homeless. By October 2020, I self-published It’s StoryTime – the Bible Stories Coloring Book and It’s StoryTime 3 part Journey series.

Finally God has released me to unveil my autobiography Yet Will I Serve Him. It’s a look at my life from my eyes, ears and experience. I discuss growing up as a child into adulthood, good times with friends, family, love, sexual relationships, alcohol, church hurt and everything in between. I was talked about across the pulpit, used, experienced jealousy from saints of God including church leadership; saints told by church leaders to no longer interact with me when God released me from their ministry, attempted to be manipulated by ministries and at times shunned; sexually propositioned by a Pastor and a Deacon, a handful of saints who physically jumped up in my face and still I pressed on. I stood up for what was right when money was being stolen from God’s House. I knew God's plan was and still is greater than mine. I had good and not so good people come into my life and they served their purpose as God ordained. When man tried to do evil in my life, God turned it around for His good. No matter what, I made a vow that Yet Will I Serve Him.

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